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Semy always found himself feeling more comfortable expressing his feelings by painting a different picture with words that accurately depict his life and moments he wanted to share with the world.  "You have to express your emotions in a sense the people can feel what your actually saying" is what Semy tells everyone. 

Although growing up in the stuffiest neighborhoods,  Semy often hung around kids that were considered nerds, geeks or outcasts, due to the fact he was a people person and learned from everyone around him.  He began to develop a new sound he coined "Zooted", describing an undeniable feeling you would feel if you ever heard his music. 

Semy's always had a wicked vocabulary and unique sound of singing, that's his alone.  As with both his appearance and style of performance, he wants the World to remember him as someone who embraces being different.  If there were ever a word that best describes Semy, it be "erudite", meaning "Having or showing great knowledge or learning."  

Semy has the skill set, talent and voice to become the next most memorable artist.  Without a doubt, there's no denying that!!!


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