Markus Boyd


photo-4Markus Boyd is the President and C.E.O. of OWN 1 Entertainment. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo., but relocated to Southern California in 1992. Here he finished school before moving to Atlanta, GA in 1995 to attend college and pursue his passion for music. After a couple years in Atlanta, Markus knew that for a successful career involving Music, he would have to have an even more complete grasp on business, and returned home to Southern California to pursue both.

Markus is the nephew of the late Jazz great Richard “Groove” Holmes, and as a young child, he heard the inspiring stories of the years on the road touring, as well as the harsh realities of trusting someone other than yourself to handle your business. As such, Markus pursued business in school, while beginning a career in Real Estate and honing his music craft. During the time, he read everything he could get his hands on pertaining to the Music Business, beginning with “This Business of Music” by Krasilovsky and Shemel, and began to implement his vision for OWN 1 Entertainment. As the late 1990’s wound down, Markus released an Independent single under the same label titled “Neva Stop Hustlin” as the artist SouthPaw, which was well respected and received by his Southern California, Atlanta, and St. Louis peers.

Even with the local acclaim, Markus knew the biggest thing that separated his visions of becoming the musical and business success while retaining creative and financial control was capital itself. At this time, Markus completed the undergraduate Business program at the University of La Verne, but was still making twice as much as he was offered for employment out of school. Markus stepped back from the Music and began an all out assault on being the most successful Real Estate professional he could, knowing it would undoubtedly contribute to his future success in the Music Business.

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Curtis Scurlock

Curtis Scurlock

Curtis Scurlock is Vice President, OWN1STL an independently owned and operated record company, and division of OWN 1 Entertainment. The company’s headquarters is based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He oversees OWN1STL networks of artists and affiliates in the Saint Louis and greater Midwest region.

He joined OWN 1 Entertainment in 2008, two years later was named Vice President, OWN1STL. From 2001, he was also the head of Thoro Muzik Enterprise and Seven Figure Ent., two of the most vibrant and talented music companies in Saint Louis.

Scurlock has been closely associated with the region’s top acts over the years and has been directly involved in many local artists careers including Pretty Russ, Modern Day Zero, Lue V, Willie Woods, LS Bless, Bobby Crawford, Young @ce, and Rukka Puff and many more. He has also obtained numerous achievements in the Saint Louis territory, especially in artist management and A&R strategy.

Kesanee Miller

Kesanee Miller
General Manager
OWN 1 Entertainment

Kesanee started out in 1999 at NAI where she managed special sales driven projects on the release and introduction of the OEM Pentium motherboard known as the Blue Lightning landing her the position as Assistant Manager. Her love for technology grew to include her passion for medicine and people helping her transition into Nursing for only a year stint while working for the USPS as a specialized mail data encoder operator. As nursing programs became convoluted her educational path continued towards the technological plain where she acquired a B.S. in Telecommunications Management graduating with Summa Cum Laude Honors from DeVry University in 2003.

She maintained a career in Telecommunications and eCommerce for the next decade while dabbling in Real Estate where she met Markus Boyd and quickly changed her career path focusing on Mortgage. However, her love of music quickly veered her into yet another career path. These entertainment ambitions prompted her to be a part of an outstanding movement of knowledge and passion which catapulted her to partner and align forces with OWN 1 Entertainment.

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