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Why must Hip-Hop have different Prerequisites from any other Music form?

It saddens me that persons of Power in Hip-Hop, which is based on so called reality, are either afraid or unwilling to tell the Truth to our Youth. They have set an unfortunate precedent that basically implies you have to be either a Drug Kingpen, Pimp, or Gangster to be a relevant staple in Hip-Hop Culture.

This is a Bold Face Lie!!! This is a Business. The Business of Music!!! The most important things to be about are your Business, and your Music!!! Emotion, true emotion is the most important element of Music, and it is multi-dimensional. Hip-Hop is just as Happy as it is sad. It is no less remorseful, than it is aspirational. Hip-Hop is as loving as it is Ruthless, and it's entire story needs to be told. The Greatest Artists in all Music Genre's are loved because we Love their story, and their ability to give us a glimpse into their Souls. We love them unconditionally for being themselves, and our Youth, which are our future need to know that it's okay for them to be who they are. They can Aspire to attain the Greatness of the Artists they know and Love, but do not need to make their same mistakes to become relevant. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the true definition of Insanity. This philosophy is Cancerous to our fate and needs to abolished from Hip-Hop culture no less than The Emancipation Proclamation needed to be in 1865. Hip-Hop's driving force has always been the youth. The youth need not follow untruths of Hip-Hop Artists who fail to inform them of the consequences of their irresponsible actions. The tens, if not hundreds of thousands they spend a year on Security, just to shield them from the very energy they emit into society. People who take life altering chances as shortcuts to success do so to never have to do so again. Kids can become anything in 2010, and they need to know they may use any and all of the tools at their disposal to do so. It is Unnecessary and Asinine to follow without learning from previous mistakes.

Country music is Loved for it's stories, Rythm and Blues for it's feeling, Metal fot it's Adrenaline, and Rock for it's Emotion. Hip-Hop is Loved for all of the above, so why to we fail to inform those who aspire too succeed in Hip-Hop culture that it is Okay for them to do the Music they Love, and if it's good enough, it is Enough? As my Great Uncle always says; "That Ain't Nothin But the Truth!!!" And I'm sticking to it. What About You?

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