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Top 10 of All Time

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One thing for sure and 2 things certain, there are 3 R's that are sure to be argued before conceded; Rap, Religion, and Real Estate. With no further delay, My Top 10 Hip-Hop "Artists" of all time are as follows:

1. 2Pac. No one Before, during or since has anyone been as passionate, influential, and intellectual the same time to the Hip-Hop Culture as Tupac Shakur. Tupac Is our Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, bottled over a Beat. Period. Often Misunderstood, but always admired, he was taken from us far too early at the age of 25, but his extensive lifetime of work will live FOREVER.

2. Nas. The Closest living thing to a Hip-Hop Profit, Nasir Jones has for the past 17 years, delivered his uncompromised soul through his music. From childhood street tales to Educated aspirations, with Cadence never before witnessed in Hip-Hop, Nas is the pure essence of a New York MC. Queensbridge to be exact. All the while, he's kept what's best for our culture, and youth at the forefront of his message.

3. Scarface. Should ever develop a desire for title, Brad Jordan would be the unequivocal "KING OF THE SOUTH." Bottom Line. For over 20 years, Scarface has been allowing us to see the South Side of Houston Texas through his Binoculars. He's told us tales of his neighborhood so familiar, It seems as if It was our own. Mr. Mr. Scarface has also Extensively written and Produced for his Group Geto Boys while giving us a piece of the fighting Spirit the South. All the while Acknowledging his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He made us all proud to be Geto Boys, but desire to be Scarface.

4. EMINEM. Marshall Mathers is a purely gifted lyrical wordsmith. His ability to bottle emotion and sprinkle it at his discretion almost at will should be patented. He is a true MC, and exercises hit first amendment like no other. He made it okay to point at yourself, and not give a _____ about the backlash to follow.

5. Notorious B.I.G. Only relegated to #5 on our list due to his limited amount of Recordings before his untimely demise, Christopher Wallace, just may be the best "Pure" rapper to have ever lived. He rode beats no other and swung on Hip-Hop tracks effortlessly. Biggie and Hip-Hop went together like Jazz, Hammond B3's and Horns. The imagery of his stories was unparalled and his wordplay was impeccable. It is very unfortunate he was taken away so soon, and his releases were limited in numbers by comparison. The Notorious B.I.G. will forever be a center piece in Hip-Hop.

6. Jay-Z. Shawn Carter made it okay to tell your story without fearing the Indictment to follow. Lyrically he traded his Uzi for a Glock, but never missed a shot!!! A gifted author, narrarator, rhyme marksman, and executive. He certainly fills many of his NY fitted caps. Raised in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY, Jay-Z took street tales to the edge of the earth, and realised Hip-Hop is BIG BUSINESS, and made it HIS BUSINESS.

7. Ice Cube. True to the game, O'shay Jackson is the lyrical Heart and Soul of The World's Most Dangerous Group, NWA. He penned some of the most memorable rhymes in Hip-Hop History, and is the Godfather of Street Knowledge. His descriptive narratives of Los Angeles street life was the spring board of the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame careers of not only his group and himself, but the Late, Great Eazy-E, and Dr. Dre. Cube was also able to turn his career as an Artist into his Own Record Label, an unforgettable Lead Movie Role based on his Classic song "Boyz in the Hood". All leading to his most profitable career as a Movie Writer, Producer, and Director. Ice Cube is a Living Legend. And has done more than Most in this Business.

8. Rakim. Self desscribed as "Rakim Allah", Rakim began his career as the 16 sharpshooter, and Lyrical voice of Eric B and Rakim. For several years, he was referred to as simply the Best to ever do it. Some of his wordplay from over 20 years ago has yet to be rivalled. A Master MC, Rakim has some of Hip-Hop's most coveted songs, and his style is often imitated, but never duplicated. Rakim often Painted vivid pictures with his words, and set the Bar in which MC's today still aspire to attain.

9. E-40. Born Earl Stevens, this Vallejo, CA native has been lacing Rappers with game since the late 80's. He single handedly pushed Independent Hip-Hop to the forefront of Rap culture, and laid the foundation for Entrepreneurs in this Business. Many Independent artists such as Master P and Birdman followed his Blueprint to success, and succeeded as well. E-40 has always has his Own intricate style, managed to remain relevant over the past 20 years, and continues to be the "Consummate Game Spitter." He's diverse enough to rhyme fast or slow, or to his Own tempo, but has never disappointed on any of his 15 plus Albums. He's one of the best to ever do it.

10. LL Cool J. Born James Todd Smith in Jamaica Queens, NY, LL Cool J is Def Jam. Or shall I say the Def Jam we know and Love today very well may not be without LL Cool J. As a 15 year old Man, he won the belief of Russell Simmons, and was thrust into the forefront of Hip-Hop, with no Co-Signer. He was the 1st International Solo Hip-Hop Superstar. As he matured, people tend to mistake him for soft, but he came in the Game with a Vengeance. Unafraid to Battle anyone for the Title, or back down to any rival James Todd Smith was one of the first Rappers to Retire Rappers. His aggressive flow and extensive vocabulary were the "Pinnacle" of 1980's Hip-Hop.

Some not included on this list may be more lyrically gifted, others more admired, but none have had a greater impact, contribution, and influence on the Culture as a whole, as the above mentioned Top 10 (Solo) Hip-Hop Artists of All Time. That's my word, and I'm sticking to it. What about you? Do tell.

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